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John James AudubonFor over four decades the sponsoring West Feliciana Historical Society has thrown open the doors of significant historic structures to commemorate artist-naturalist John James Audubon's stay as he painted a number of his famous bird studies and tutored the daughter of Oakley Plantation's Pirrie family, beautiful young Eliza.

When the artist arrived in the St. Francisville area in 1821, he recorded in his journal that the rich lushness of the landscape and flourishing birdlife "all excited my admiration."

Having set for himself the staggering task of painting all the birds of this immense fledgling country, Audubon would find the inspiration to paint dozens of his bird studies while residing at Oakley.

Popular as the central focus of the Audubon State Historic Site for more than half a century, Oakley has been beautifully restored and furnished in the late Federal style. Read more...


Pilgrimage Chairpersons Present & Past

Willia Lemoine Parkerson


2018 Pilgrimage Chairperson

 Willia Lemoine Parkerson


It is with great pleasure we announce that Willia Lemoine Parkerson is the 47th Chairman of the John James Audubon Pilgrimage.  She has been busy putting together a fabulous weekend of events and activities for March 16, 17 and 18, 2018.   Read more...





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